Albany ARC launches program to boost physical activity

Albany ARC staff and clients engage in physical fitness activities.

Albany Advocacy Resource Center (Albany ARC) is partnering with the I Can Do It, You Can Do It! (ICDI) and President’s Challenge programs to help encourage people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be physically active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

ICDI is an eight-week mentoring program that promotes regular physical activity and healthy eating for children and adults with disabilities. Fifty-five national sites are participating, including schools, universities and community-based organizations. As an ICDI site, Albany ARC will administer programs that promote a healthy way of living through regular exercise, meal planning and community sports tournaments for staff and individuals.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to be an ICDI advocate,” said Albany ARC’s Director of Programs Sonny Slate. “What is truly impressive about this program is the real person-centered approach that pairs our wellness staff and individual mentors with each participating individual to effectively address their individual health needs. We are able to bring our full collective resources to bear in supporting each participating individual in developing responsible skills and making informed decisions that promote a healthier life style in a truly progressive and fun way.”

The President’s Challenge helps people of all ages and abilities increase their physical activity and improve their fitness through education, easy-to-use tools and motivation. For more information about the President’s Challenge, visit

Albany ARC serves people of all ages with physical and intellectual disabilities in 14 counties across southwest Georgia. More than 800 individuals participate in a variety of programs, including Adult Day Independent Living, EmployAbility, and the Dougherty Leadership Development Institute.

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