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Constituent Services Intake Form

To submit a question, compliment or concern regarding the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities' (DBHDD) services or programs, please complete this intake form. The information will help us accurately identify the nature of your inquiry and help us respond to you in an efficient manner. Provided information will be kept strictly confidential.

Consumers have the right to confidentiality of their clinical records and treatment information.

If you are a consumer, guardian of the person of a consumer, parent or court-ordered legal custodian of a minor consumer, you can authorize us to access records and treatment information of the consumer so that we may assist the consumer most fully, by completing and signing the Authorization for Release of Information form found in the attachments section of DBHDD Policy #23-100.

If you are a legislator or legislative aide, we are happy to assist your constituent consumers directly and simply report to you that we have done so, without disclosing confidential information to you. Or if the consumer (or guardian, parent or legal custodian, as appropriate) authorizes disclosure to you, please have that documented by asking them to complete and sign the Authorization for Release of Information form found in the attachments section of DBHDD Policy #23-100.

Completed and signed authorization forms, with requests for assistance, can be faxed to us at: 770-408-5439 or scanned and submitted electronically to DBHDDConstituentServices@dbhdd.ga.gov.

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