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Human Rights External Referral Form

In order to submit a DD related human rights compliant, violation, or concern to the Human Rights Council (HRC), please complete the following online form. This information will assist in our efforts in determining whether the human rights of an individual receiving developmental disability services are protected. The information you provide will be kept in strict confidence.

Consumers have the right to confidentiality of their clinical records and treatment information.

If you are a individual, guardian of the person of a individual, parent or court-ordered legal custodian of a minor individual, you can authorize us to access records and treatment information of the individual so that we may assist the individual most fully, by completing and signing the Authorization for Release of Information form found in the attachments section of DBHDD Policy #23-100.

Paper Forms
If you prefer to fill out paper copies of the DD Human Rights External Referral form and Authorization form, with requests for assistance, you may submit them by mail to:

Developmental Disabilities Human Rights Coordinator
2 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 22-412
Atlanta, GA 30303

Or email: DBHDDhumanrights@dbhdd.ga.gov.

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