Profiles in Success: Lasuandra

Ogeechee Behavioral Health Services

In her teens, Lasuandra was admitted to a psychiatric institution in another state because her parents were unable to support her behavioral needs. After relocating to Georgia with her family, she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and later to Ogeechee Behavioral Health Services’ crisis support home. When she first arrived, she exhibited no spontaneous speech and had crying and screaming episodes that lasted up to four hours.

After several months of receiving supports from Ogeechee, including psychiatric care and reassurance from staff, Lasuandra’s daily outbursts decreased. During this time, Ogeechee staff also worked to obtain Medicaid for her.

Knowing that Lasuandra needed the support of a family to thrive, Ogeechee helped her find a host home. From her initial visits with the family, she was included in regular activities. She returned from these visits happy and excited, and shared this verbally with Ogeechee staff.

Soon after settling into her new home, Lasuandra realized that her new family would keep her safe. Today, she has blossomed and become more independent. She socializes with her peers at the Ogeechee Emanuel County Developmental Disabilities day program. She is involved in her community and loves going to the library, where she uses a computer and looks at books. She also enjoys helping her host family prepare meals.

Lasuandra is happy in her new home and enjoys living in the community while still being able to access the services she needs from Ogeechee.