A meaningful life in the community

Steve Lawson
Steve Lawson welcomes DBHDD staff for a visit.

Steve Lawson, 52, enjoys competing for medals in basketball. He lives in Valdosta and often travels across the state to play. Last month, he went to Marietta to participate with more than 1,500 athletes in the State Indoor Winter Games for Special Olympics Georgia He is also an avid fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, with pictures and collectibles displayed throughout his apartment. However, he had never spent a night away from his parents until two years ago when both passed away within four months of each other.

Steve’s sister, June, worried that he would not fare well on his own, but today, he lives independently in an apartment and receives community supports and transportation services. Steve now engages with his community daily, but he particularly enjoys greeting guests when they come to visit him. Steve’s new lifestyle has afforded him many opportunities to take an active role in living his life, and for June, this assurance has made all the difference. Their story is just one of many that highlights the positive effects living in the community has on individuals and their families.